Necropolis #65 – Bruckner Discussion, Pt. III

Description: In this episode, the discourse once again centers on the eminent composer Anton Bruckner, with a discerning emphasis on the deliberations of The Bruckner Journal Conference held at the prestigious Yale University this year. In addition, the colloquy ventures into several other subjects, including the contentious Haas editions discrepancies, the imperative significance of Bruckner’s metronome markings, the dichotomy between metal and classical music, and other such scholarly topics. The podcast features a distinguished panel comprising the editor of The Bruckner Journal, Dr. Michael Cucka, the illustrious composer Sébastian Letocart, and the erudite Tyler, a member of the Necropolis crew. Together we weave a profound and captivating discussion that will enthrall any discerning aficionado of music.

Bruckner Society of America:

The Bruckner Journal:

Sébastian Letocart:…

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