The ambient hut: Old Tower

Tales of the Mad MoonHospital Productions Lengthy compilation of older compositions offers an interesting degree of coherence in spite of the foregrounding of structurally disconnected sound tapestry. There is a clear Lustmordian influence at play here, as deep, swelling, tectonically slow waves of noise form the backdrop for the majority of these pieces, trading on... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Táltos, Vrenth, Bones

Táltos: Érezd hogy élszOut 4th August, self-released The latest EP from this Hungarian outfit presents a rich sonic brew of dissonant black metal, tribal rhythms, throat singing, didgeridoos, and unusual percussive philosophies, at least within a metal setting. It takes seriously the folk and regional connections forged by extreme metal movements over the decades, and... Continue Reading →


The UK never had much luck with death metal. There is a sincerity that sits as a hidden requisite beneath the delivery of this artform that the Brits never really nailed. The big three in Carcass, Napalm Death, and Bolt Thrower were all infinitely more interesting when playing less structured forms of grindcore and punk.... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: DeathSlaughter, Adaestuo, Insurgency

DeathSlaughter: Passing Through the Valley of SodomitesOut 3rd August on Cianeto Discos/Timeworn Records Viscus primordial beginnings give rise to rich symphonic aspirations on the second album from the Brazilian outfit known as DeathSlaughter. ‘Passing Through the Valley of Sodomites’ exemplifies black metal as interpretated by artists from the hotter climbs of Southern Europe and South... Continue Reading →

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