Review – Tonight it’s a World We Bury

Black Metal, Red Politics By Bill Peel, 2023 In attempting to trace parallels between black metal orthodoxy and left-wing intellectual traditions, this book sets itself apart from the vast majority of left leaning treatments of black metal. No heavy handed call for fan responsibility or demands that black metal be “safer”. Pitched into a more... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Kostnatění, Sporae Autem Yuggoth, KRE^U

Kostnatění: ÚpalOut 26th May on Willowtip Records Kostnatění straddle the border between noise rock and technical-cum-dissonant black metal. This jarring stylistic clash serves as midwife to expressions of Turkish and North African folk traditions. Unlike our usual image of folk metal however, Kostnatění forego deploying an armoury of non-rock “traditional” instrumentation, articulating their vision entirely... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Hail Conjurer, Hasard, Martre

Hail Conjurer: Ouroboros LustOut 18th May on Bestial Burst Hail Conjurer continue their journey into surrealist black metal doom with the latest outing ‘Ouroboros Lust’. Fuzz prevails, with a wash of background static, eerie drones, and minimal synth tones infusing the album with an opaque haze. Many of the riffs are identifiably black metal, albeit... Continue Reading →

Review – Black Metal Rainbows

Edited by Daniel Lukes & Stanimir Panayotov • Designer: Jaci Raia Enjoying music on the edge of acceptability is a delicate and multidimensional activity. But after (and possibly before) reading Black Metal Rainbows I think I can sum up my current feelings on this debate space: STOP TREATING YOUR HOBBIES AS YOUR PRAXIS. Black Metal... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Castlesiege

CastlesiegeThe Council of Trees Dungeon synth is the expression of a desire to return to innocence, at least the explicitly high fantasy variant touted on ‘The Council of Trees’ by Castlesiege. Far from being a disparagement however, this observation is made with a view to unpacking the ways in which dungeon synth articulates a yearning... Continue Reading →

Necropolis #65 – Bruckner Discussion, Pt. III

Description: In this episode, the discourse once again centers on the eminent composer Anton Bruckner, with a discerning emphasis on the deliberations of The Bruckner Journal Conference held at the prestigious Yale University this year. In addition, the colloquy ventures into several other subjects, including the contentious Haas editions discrepancies, the imperative significance of Bruckner’s... Continue Reading →

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