The ambient hut: Kobold:

KoboldThe village in the frozen mountains The description for this release ends with the sentence “short dungeon-pop compositions in 16-bit style and magic melodies that will transport you straight when you was young and carefree” (typo retained for clarity). Never has a blurb for an album been more nakedly honest. Kobold resides in that corner... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Sodality, Sawticide, Carathis

Sodality: Benediction, Part I Out 20th January on Norma Evangelium Diaboli From Polish black metal pedigree Cult des Ghoules comes an aching rumination on laboured riff incrementalism, populated with an almost abrasively single minded fixation on operatically occultist theatre. ‘Benediction, Part I’ is the second album from Sodality, which sees rich yet raw black metal... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Apokatastasis, Thaumaturgy, Ouija

Apokatastasis: The Consecratory SecretionOut 20th January on Hessian Firm Daring genre alchemy encased in a remarkably fleshed out aesthetic and thematic package defines ‘The Consecratory Secretion’. This artist is able to leverage elements of symphonic black metal, old school death metal, and riffs bordering on slam (of all things), Frank Mullen-esque staccato vocal hits and... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Old Sorcery

Old SorceryRealms of Magickal Sorrow A very wide bridge links black metal to dungeon synth. Sure, each territory boasts many distant realms that would not dream of crossing this bridge, from blackened thrash and raw black metal at one pole, to dino synth and comfy synth at the other. But toward the interior of each... Continue Reading →

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