Endless forms most brutish: Onslaught and Death Angel

Thrash is a fascinating intersection for studying various ideologies within metal. Aesthetically and thematically it was still closely wedded to heavy metal. The emphasis on speed, energy, living life with consistent intensity, the lyrical and musical fixation on maintaining a constant state of emergency, all had clear antecedents within NWOBHM and German speed metal. Thrash... Continue Reading →

I like the beats and I like the yelling: Tyrannus, Freja, Cultic, Slimelord

Tyrannus: UnslayableOut 2nd April, self-released Following on from the promising ‘It Taketh’ EP released last year, Scotland’s Tyrannus expand their quest to marry riffcraft with atmosphere on their debut full length ‘Unslayable’. This is essentially one elongated piece of high concept, Lovecraftian inspired extreme metal. Riffs bounce seamlessly from technical death metal to oppressively fluid... Continue Reading →

Metal Lords – Review

Written by DB Weiss with the help of Tom Morello, ‘Metal Lords’ is Hollywood's latest attempt to make sense of the minefield of shibboleths and obscure symbology that is metaldom. After the bang up job Weiss did on the finale to ‘Game of Thrones’ I remember thinking “man, I hope this guy applies his talent... Continue Reading →

I like the beats and I like the yelling: Tome of the Unreplenished, Sleepless, Brouillard/Drache

Tome of the Unreplenished: EarthboundOut 8th April on Avant Garde Music and Xenoglossy Productions Hailing from Cyprus, and featuring members from the epic Greek metal juggernaut Macabre Omen, comes the second LP from Tome of the Unreplenished, entitled ‘Earthbound’. Broadly speaking, we are very much on the same epic, cinematic, and richly melodic black metal... Continue Reading →

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