Meditations on music and philosophy


On Biosphere’s broadcasts to the periphery (the further listening series)

Hobsbawm on retromania

Criticism as an act of creation

Formative Septic Flesh: lessons from the apotheosis of Hellenic metal

Review – Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge


On Tangerine Dream’s transmissions from Sol (the further listening series)

Gorgorth’s opening triptych – a triumph of art as administration

The new vanguard

Metal as deathcult theme park

Nocturnus and the death of amateurism

Activist listening

On Killing Joke’s screams from the machine (the further listening series)

Metal Lords – review

Dungeon synth might in fact be good

On Dead Can Dance’s message to the within (the further listening series)

On King Crimson’s despatches from the rabbit hole (the further listening series)

Making Burzum a contested space

Beyond the North Waves: shifting the narrative of 90s black metal

Review – USBM: A Revolution of Identity in American Black Metal


Review: The Green Sea, 2021 (guest entry)

Death metal for the general listener

I have liked the beats and I have liked the yelling: 2021 top 40

On Spotify Part II: nails, coffins, and art on the battlefield

Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû and metal appreciation societies

On gatekeeping

Metal’s Retromania Part VI: until the light takes us

El Negro Metal Interview Polemicist

Metal’s Retromania Part V: whither is fled the visionary gleam?

Metal that is progressive and a night of emperial wrath

Metal is deterministic (guest entry)

Metal’s Retromania Part IV: the Icarus factor

On Spotify

The rancour of fandom

Metal’s Retromania Part III: the eternal return

The new avant-garde

The oxymoron of English black, and the lessons of USBM

El Negro Metal Interview Mefitis (Pendath and Vatha)

Metal’s Retromania Part II: the great explosion

Metal’s Retromania: Part I

Bad albums

Older Meditations


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