Necropolis Podcast #48 – Bruckner Discussion, Part II

#48 – Bruckner Discussion, Part II: The time is now to speak more about Anton Bruckner! More specifically, the Bruckner Red Book by William Carragan. In addition to covering the Red Book, we delve into some other subjects such as Wagner’s influence on Bruckner, which composers Bruckner influenced, tempo approaches to the symphonies, etc. Joining the program today is esteemed musicologist William Carragan and composer Sébastien Letocart, both of whom are Bruckner experts of the highest caliber.

William Carragan information:

Carragan website:

Buy the Bruckner Red Book here:

Bruckner Society of America (Carragan is Vice President):

Sébastien Letocart information:

Letocart website:

YouTube channel:

Music in this episode:

Bruckner’s 8th Symphony, Finale, conducted by Benjamin Zander with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra – full video here:

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  1. Jason, can American folk music be incorporated into American black metal? See: The Master’s Call by Marty Robbins and Comanche by Johnny Horton.


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