Necropolis Podcast #47 – Metal Revelation

#47 – Metal Revelation: An easy-going episode after a hiatus. The topics of today are how we discovered and got into metal, what metal means to us, and some personal thoughts on metal. Cohost Shelley ( and Metalegion Magazine) returns with liver intact with guests Brett Clarin (Journey into Darkness, Sorrow), Daniel Valdez (Gored and visual arts illustrator), and Metal Jaime (former street rep for Relapse, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, etc).

5 thoughts on “Necropolis Podcast #47 – Metal Revelation

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  1. False…the world needs to know.

    You are a false
    ……look deep inside…..

    you know it is true…


    1. Ok Patrick hun, I hope you find peace of mind in time and thanks for your undying support as always.


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