Older Meditations


Review: The Green Sea, 2021 (guest entry)

Death metal for the general listener

I have liked the beats and I have liked the yelling: 2021 top 40

On Spotify Part II: nails, coffins, and art on the battlefield

Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû and metal appreciation societies

On gatekeeping

Metal’s Retromania Part VI: until the light takes us

El Negro Metal Interview Polemicist

Metal’s Retromania Part V: whither is fled the visionary gleam?

Metal that is progressive and a night of emperial wrath

Metal is deterministic (guest entry)

Metal’s Retromania Part IV: the Icarus factor

On Spotify

The rancour of fandom

Metal’s Retromania Part III: the eternal return

The new avant-garde

The oxymoron of English black, and the lessons of USBM

El Negro Metal Interview Mefitis (Pendath and Vatha)

Metal’s Retromania Part II: the great explosion

Metal’s Retromania: Part I

Bad albums


I have liked the beats and I have liked the yelling: end of year roundup

Immolation: metal’s Faustian bargain with consumerism

Heaviness is dead

An inconclusive reckoning: 2010 in Albums

Where is the artwork?

The Metalhead Box and reaping what you sow

Ressentiment and the battle for hearts and minds

Music and words

Why is mainstream music writing so bad?

Darkness guides us…until the light took it: another show gets cancelled


I liked the beats and I liked the yelling: my decade in music

Why do people like black metal?

Brutal Assault 2019

On the t-shirt thing

Self-awareness: where cultures go to die

Spotify and the end times

Global catastrophe and original sin

The purpose of myth, secular Protestantism, and the deification of tools

New releases: first impressions: Ultra Silvam, Tides of Sulfur, Suhnopfer

New releases: first impressions: Sadistic Drive, Sepsis

Some new music: first impressions: Nattsvargr, Hexagon, Nocturnal Abyss

I like the beats and I like the yelling volume III: What’s doing in British metal

Some new music: Condemnor, Zlurad

Covers: the good, the bad, and the absolute specimens

New releases from La Caverna Records: Condor, Siete Lagunas, Crucifixion, Thrombus

Lords of chaos: review

I like the beats and I like the yelling volume II: what’s doing in British metal today

I like the beats and I like the yelling: What’s doing in British and Irish metal today

Reclaiming extreme metal as a social pursuit


The Story of Anvil: The endearing comedy of art that tries too hard

Goth: a personal retrospect

Enslaved, and everything that’s wrong with modern metal

Entropy of the family tree: has metal’s genre addiction reached breaking point?

10 Albums that be so do (guest entry)

10 Albums

Ildjarn – The black sheep of black metal


Developing yourself is largely a waste of time

Two independent organisms, one suppurating deformity

Thirsty and Miserable

In defence of stupidity in black metal, a tedious and roundabout justification for my love of the music mad by people you should hate

The insistent ignobility of fun finds nobility through the lends of black metal

Growing up in the ANUS part 2, further listening

Growing up in the ANUS

The Camp, the Ironic, the Fantastical, the Failure

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