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Jason/Lonegoat from the Necroclassical project Goatcraft and Shelley from conduct interviews with interesting people involved in the extreme metal world.

Necropolis #68 – Slaughtering Sacred Cows II: The lads slaughter some more cows

Necropolis #67 – Damim: Nathanael of UK death/black metal band Damim joins to discuss their latest EP World Turned Hell, the history and influences of the band, and the landscape of contemporary extreme metal in the UK.

Necropolis #66 – Slaughtering Sacred Cows: Each lad chose one overrated band to slaughter.

Necropolis #65 – Bruckner Discussion, Pt. III: In this episode, the discourse once again centers on the eminent composer Anton Bruckner, with a discerning emphasis on the deliberations of The Bruckner Journal Conference held at the prestigious Yale University this year. In addition, the colloquy ventures into several other subjects, including the contentious Haas editions discrepancies, the imperative significance of Bruckner’s metronome markings, the dichotomy between metal and classical music, and other such scholarly topics. The podcast features a distinguished panel comprising the editor of The Bruckner Journal, Dr. Michael Cucka, the illustrious composer Sébastian Letocart, and the erudite Tyler, a member of the Necropolis crew. Together we weave a profound and captivating discussion that will enthrall any discerning aficionado of music.

Necropolis #63 – On Bathory (band focus): the lads chat Batory

Necropolis #62 – Burzum (band focus): the lads chat Burzum

Necropolis #61 – Beethoven discussion with a focus on the symphonies: the lads chat Beetehove

Necropolis #60 – Shostakovich (Classical Music Talk): A casual discussion about Shostakovich by two Bruckner enthusiasts (Jason and Sébastien).

Necropolis #59 – On Celtic Frost (band focus): the lads chat Celtic Frost

Necropolis #58 – On Immolation (band focus): the lads chat Immolation

Necropolis #57 – On Morbid Angel (band focus): the lads chat Morbid Angel

Necropolis #56 – S. Craig Zahler Pt. II (Organisms from an Ancient Cosmos): S. Craig Zahler (director of Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Dragged Across Concrete, etc) returns to Necropolis to discuss his new graphic novel ‘Organisms from an Ancient Cosmos’. We chat about what the creation process was like, why he prefers ‘hard’ science fiction over more fantastical takes on the genre, our disbelief in aliens giving hillbillies anal probes, etc. After that, we descend into a dense metal discussion which highlights some of the concerts we went to in 2022, some of Zahler’s favorite albums, some of his experiences writing for Metal Maniacs, and we examine Carcass, Emperor, and Morbid Angel, being we have different tastes in their oeuvre. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

Necropolis #55 – On Mayhem (Band Focus): This episode is a focus on the band Mayhem; our general thoughts and ideas in regard to their endurance, influence on black metal, uniqueness, and rationalizing the controversies surrounding the band. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine joins alongside Joseph Aprill who is a former writer for Invisible Oranges. Leave a comment on the Hate Meditations YouTube channel if you would like more content like this.

Necropolis #54 – Judas Goat: Jason Hans joins from the Texan blackened thrash band Judas Goat. Their debut album, ‘Incantations of the Black Mass’, was just released this past Halloween and is a tribute to the first wave of black metal. In addition to being a great vocalist, Jason Hans is also the prominent underground metal show organizer in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

#53 – Jarno Nurmi (Serpent Ascending, Desecresy): Jarno from Serpent Ascending, Desecresy, Nerlich, Slugathor, etc joins today to discuss the new Serpent Ascending album Hyperborean Folklore as well as Finnish metal and culture. Hyperborean Folklore is truly from left field and casts nowadays metal convention to the wind. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

#52 – On the Metaphysics of Death: Philosophical roundtable on the metaphysical and ontological side of reality in terms of the inevitable expiration date, correlations to metal, the human condition, and so forth. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode. Brett Stevens from and the author of “Nihilism: A Philosophy Based in Nothingness and Eternity” joins alongside David Burke who is a PhD student specializing in Metal Studies, as well as Raphael who is a metal writer and psychology major.

#51 – Dead Space Chamber Music: Coming soon to a crypt near you! Ellen and Tom from the avant garde early music industrial quartet Dead Space Chamber Music join the program to discuss their philosophy, motives, and perspectives. Their music is hard to categorize yet very accessible. Ellen and Tom grant much insight into the numerous variables of the band. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

#50 – Mike Hill (Tombs, Scorpion Throne, Everything Went Black): Mike Hill from USBM bands Tombs, Scorpion Throne, and the progenitor of Everything Went Black Media joins for today’s episode. Topics include the enigmatic nature of Tombs, Mike’s assimilation of influences into his expression, as well as other topics such as elitism. He is a very thoughtful guy in addition to having a natural inclination to create thoughtful music. Shelley ( and Metalegion Magazine) returns as cohost. Music at the end is the first track from the debut Scorpion Throne.

#49 – Sleepwalker Pt. II: Sleepwalker from A Transylvanian Funeral/Temple of Abraxas returns to talk about his next video game soundtrack, the one for Project Warlock II. We further discuss his music and ideology beyond mere formalities; to get to the gist of why he happens to be one of the best USBM artists. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

#48 – Bruckner Discussion, Part II: The time is now to speak more about Anton Bruckner! More specifically, the Bruckner Red Book by William Carragan. In addition to covering the Red Book, we delve into some other subjects such as Wagner’s influence on Bruckner, which composers Bruckner influenced, tempo approaches to the symphonies, etc. Joining the program today is esteemed musicologist William Carragan and composer Sébastien Letocart, both of whom are Bruckner experts of the highest caliber.

#47 – Metal Revelation: An easy-going episode after a hiatus. The topics of today are how we discovered and got into metal, what metal means to us, and some personal thoughts on metal. Cohost Shelley ( and Metalegion Magazine) returns with liver intact with guests Brett Clarin (Journey into Darkness, Sorrow), Daniel Valdez (Gored and visual arts illustrator), and Metal Jaime (former street rep for Relapse, Century Media, Nuclear Blast, etc).

#46 – Classical Music (Anton Bruckner): This episode mainly focuses on the profound music of Anton Bruckner. Guests include professor, conductor, and timpanist John Godoy (Lux Musicae), and composer and organist Sébastien Letocart who is one of the few to have “completed” the finale to Bruckner’s 9th symphony. I highly recommend for you to check out this episode even if you aren’t into classical music.

#45 – On Death and its Influence on Metal: We chat about the cessation of mortal existence and its influence on metal for an hour. Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine returns with guests John Smith (Beithioch) and Joseph Aprill (metal writer and podcaster). Many aspects of death and its relationship to metal are discussed, as well as prior and current world events that heightened mortality salience.

#44 – Paul Ledney pt. III: Paul Ledney returns for more conversation. We chat about why Profanatica dropped from Steel Fest in Finland, his views on Satanism, compositional aspects of Profanatica’s sound, his view on Morbid Angel, etc. Shelley returns after recovering from the ‘rona.

#43 – The Psychology of Metal: Much conjecture but more informed than the running sparse opinions on this subject. Shelley from Hate Meditations and Metalegion Magazine joins with Raphael from Hessian Firm, who is a current student of psychology. We delve beyond the catharsis of metal, which is what most outsiders of metal think the positive attribute of metal music is on the brain. Hopefully this is the starting point to a greater conversation.

#42 – Khand: Jim from Khand joins. Beyond being a central figure in the current Dungeon Synth scene (he should be the main leader of DS, in my humble opinion), he has been heavily involved with metal and other forms of music. Shelley returns as the cohost as we delve into some of the nerdy aspects of Khand’s exploits.

#41 – Sam Biles: Sam Biles from Hideous Mangleus and Goblin (US) joins Necropolis to talk about his exploits, the old days of death metal in the US, the PA scene, some elements about Gary from Goblin being someone truly unique, some of his philosophy about why new “old school” death metal misses the mark, etc. The music at the end is by Goblin (US). Also thanks to Shelley from and Metalegion Magazine for continuing to be the cohost of this podcast.

#40 – Goths: Shelley ( takes the lead today for an outside of the box episode focusing on goth culture. Tim, aka The Blogging Goth, runs a popular goth blog which focuses on news, commentary, and upcoming events in the UK goth scene. Whenever a major media outlet does a feature on goth culture, Tim will usually be the first to march out and fact check it. He is also one half The Scarlet Hour ( Also joining is Joel from Goth City Promotions ( and from Byronic Sex and Exile ( Today the discussion focuses on entry-level what is and isn’t goth.

#39 Giuseppe (Thecodontion): Giuseppe from Thecodontion (also one of the individuals behind Xenoglossy Productions) joins Necropolis to discuss the prehistoric theme surrounding Thecodontion, the ethos of Xenoglossy Productions, metal in Italy and other elements of Italian culture, and some dialogue about metal related matters such as the metal publications that we read.

#38 – Daniel Lake (USBM Book): Daniel Lake, author of ‘USBM: A Revolution of Identity in American Black Metal’, joins Necropolis for the formal episode about his book. USBM has always been a point of confusion in terms of its placement within the black metal lexicon. It is often reviled by its European counterpart but has found footing in recent years. Shelley, writer for and Metalegion Magazine, returns as a valuable cohost to help drive conversation along.

#37 – Byrin Dall: Prolific musician Bryin Dall (Thee Majesty, Hirsute Pursuit, Throbbing Gristle, etc) joins to discuss his innumerable projects, background, personal experiences, insights, gay culture, etc. Special guest co-host A.j. Martinez (owner of Propaganda Palace in San Antonio) joins to lend his expertise on Bryin’s exploits and industrial music.

#36 – Dobber Beverly (back with a vengeance) Dobber Beverly (Oceans of Slumber, Necrofier, Malignant Altar, etc) returns to Necropolis to talk about his bands. Much insight of the industry is cast in this episode. We originally just planned to talk about Necrofier but decided it would be best to just cover Dobber in general. Oceans of Slumber will take a different direction, which people will hear a sample this coming January. It is great to have a fellow Texan back with a vengeance!

#35 – Boyd Rice Boyd Rice joins to discuss his worldview. Music talk is sparse, a great deal of time is spent talking about his worldview. A legend in his own right, we thank him for his time. NB from Hate Meditations: The discussion was tense but cordial. Fyi this episode will not be easy listening for some, it was not easy for me personally to participate in, and will make some people deeply uncomfortable.

#34 Hod / Pious Levus Carl (Lord Necron) and Beer (Vladibeer) join from the band Hod to discuss their music. Also, some bants. Being that both men are veterans of the metal scene here in San Antonio, we went in-depth into the scene here, their other projects, and so forth.

#33 Awen Neofolk band Awen joins to discuss their motivations, experiences, outlooks, their uniqueness in the Texas music scene, and so forth.

#32 Paul Speckmann Death metal legend Paul Speckmann (Master, Deathstrike, etc) joins to discuss his music, general lifestyle, worldview, and other aspects. 

#31 Classical Music Although not directly related to metal, classical music has been a force of nature in terms of cultural relevance in the western world for the past four hundred years. Music professor, timpanist/percussionist, and conductor Emmanuel Godoy (music director of Lux Musicae joins to add to the discussion. About midway, we get into the meat and potatoes of Romanticism, which is undeniably metal.

#30 Spirit of Metal Discussion on the spirit of metal (still hard to pin down) and metal adjacent music. In addition to Shelley from Hate Meditations, Daniel Lake (Decibel) and Joseph Aprill (Invisible Oranges) join to add their two cents. Broadly speaking, is metal adjacent music the path forward for metal since metal seems to be stuck in nostalgia and assimilated into rock music (postmetal)? Is it time to stop using the term ‘hipster’ since hipster metal seems to have died down?

#29 Brett Clarin Brett Clarin joins from Sorrow/Journey into Darkness. Beyond being in a band which was signed to Roadrunner in the 90s, doing all of the instruments in his current band Journey into Darkness, formerly owning his own record shop and record label, he happens to be very educated in physics. We discuss quantum mechanics at length, perhaps tying some loose threads into philosophy.

#28 Michael W. Ford Author of 24 books and founder of the Greater Church of Lucifer, Michael Ford joins to discuss the dichotomy between Satanism and Luciferianism, black metal, and his philosophy.

#27 Vincent Crowley A former reverend in the Church of Satan, legendary death metal musician Vincent Crowley joins to discuss Satanism, his music in Acheron, Infidel Reich, Vincent Crowley, and the general vibe of death metal today. 

#26 Jarret Pritchard FL death metal legend Jarrett Pritchard joins to discuss his music in Eulogy/Pulchra Morte/Brutality, sound engineering, and producing. One of the pillars of the Floridian death metal scene, he has become a prominent name in extreme metal with his exploits outside of being a guitarist. Shelley serves as the main host whereas Jason takes a more relaxed approach to the episode. The new intro + Shelley’s introduction is a humorous juxtaposition. 

#25 Politics in Metal Spurred on by the controversy surrounding Finland’s Steelfest, this episode focuses on political expression in metal and the reactions thereof. Shelley from returns as his first time as the official cohost of Necropolis. Guests include David Burke (PhD student specializing in metal studies) and Tyler (former metal essayist). The episode is comprised of civil discussion regarding politics in metal.

#24 Death Metal Underground ( Prozak/Brett Stevens joins to discuss him having the title of the oldest and longest running metal website on the internet, his influence on metal throughout the years, etc. Shelley from serves as cohost. Many 30+ year-olds in metal are acquainted with Brett’s influential writings on metal. He’s a legend in his own right, and his mark on metal is undeniable. 

#23 Blightmass Jesse Jolly (bassist/vocalist) and Jean-Philippe aka JP (guitarist) of BlightMass join Necropolis to talk about their new album, what being in an international band is like, as well as other aspects of their endeavors together. Their new album Harbinger of Lucidity will be out this September!

#22 Roundtable #6 The last roundtable of Necropolis; Shelley (Hate Meditations), Joshua Armijo (YouTuber RunnerJMA), and Paul (Condemner) join to discuss Texas metal and how the internet has reshaped metal. Sinus infection be damned!

#21 Paul Ledney Pt2 USBM legend Paul Ledney (Profanatica, Havohej) returns to Necropolis for a wild west of an episode. In addition to a further line of inquiry with Mr. Ledney, Daniel Lake (USBM book author, Decibel Magazine), Shelley ( and Diego ( join for a packed house full of unbridled excitement. The host might have been inebriated during this episode.

#20 Paul Ledney Pt1 US Black Metal legend Paul Ledney (Profanatica, Havohej) joins Necropolis to discuss his music, motivations, ideology, thoughts on what metal music is nowadays, etc. Also on the episode is Shelley from This is part one of two, where Ledney will return and answer more questions at a later date.

#19 Roundtable #5 An impromptu episode after a nice vacation. Daniel Lake (Decibel Magazine, USBM book author), Nick (Hessian Firm), Raphael (Hessian Firm) join to discuses an array of topics. First we discuss Daniel Lake’s travels across the US to see people in the metal scene, which then the conversation morphed into the edginess of some of the metal scene. We then discuses some newer releases, then USBM. The music at the end of the episode is by Beacons of Revolt.

#18 S. Craig Zahler The writer/director of films such as Bone Tomahawk, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Dragged Across Concrete, as well as the entire creative mind behind the comic book The Forbidden Surgeries of the Hideous Dr. Divinus, joins Necropolis to discuss his comic book, movies, music, and many elements that comprise his outlook and endeavors. Shelley from Hate Meditations serves as a cohost. This episode can’t be missed!

#17 Roundtable #4 A casual roundtable episode with Ivan (Black Metal Daily, Order ov the Black Arts) and Shelley (Hate Meditations). Topics discussed are politics in music, the spirit of metal, and black metal being tribal but also individualistic.

#16 David Burke (PhD student specialising in metal A curious episode which includes David Burke (metal academic PhD student) as the main subject. His work can be found here: . Also featured in this episode is Shelley from the website Hate Meditations ( who serves as a cohost. Many topics are discussed relating to metal. David Burke’s take on the essence of metal being inherently existential is thoroughly discussed.

#15 Order ov the Black Arts Duncan from The Order ov the Black Arts joins to discuss the community, YouTube channel, etc that The Order has a propagated. With around 5k members in the Facebook group and over 11k subscribers on YouTube, Duncan has been a very positive influence in the metal world by promoting black metal and black metal adjacent projects of all walks of life. Song featured at the end of the episode is by CaveGhoul, also a member of The Order.

#14 Scale It Back Jerry from Scale It Back joins Necropolis to discuss his YouTube channel. Topics are broad in this episode, but we discuss his motivations behind what does and why. Also featured in this episode is Shelley from the website Hate Meditations.

#13 Excuse The Blood Excuse The Blood (name taken from Dead’s suicide note) joins Necropolis to talk about his exploits on and his YouTube channel. Further topics include interviewing subjects and cinema. Diego (El Negro Metal), Nick (Hessian Firm), and Rafael (Hessian Firm) join once again to add to the discussion.

#12 Belial Koblak Belial Koblak returns to discuss his involvement in metal beyond his work in Nocturnus AD. Lethal Prayer, Incantation, Acheron, etc are discussed, as well as delving into personal territory with what metal means to him, his thoughts on what Satanism means to him, etc.

#11 Roundtable #3 Nick (Hessian Firm), Rafael (Hessian Firm), Shelley (Hate Meditations), Diego (El Negro Metal), and surprise guest Daniel Lake (USBM book, Decibel Magazine staff writer), join this roundtable royal rumble to discuss elitism, metal adjacent music, and art in metal.

#10 Texan Metal Pt. 1 In this episode of Necropolis, Hellpreacher Johnny (Merciless Onslaught internet radio program) and Metal Jaime (veteran of TX metal), join to scratch the surface of Texas metal. We will return to discuss Texas metal more in-depth later. One hour cannot do it justice.

#9 Roundtable #2 Shelley (Hate Meditations website) returns for his third time on the podcast joined with new guest Diego (the Spanish website El Negro Metal) to discuss the occult and philosophical aspects of extreme metal, and a conversation about music criticism.

#8 Islander One of the internet’s most prolific metal bloggers, Islander from the website No Clean Singing joins to discuss how he came into metal via his children, the inner workings of his website, his involvement with Northwest Terror Fest, etc. He’s very personable and was great to speak with.

#7 Roundtable # 1 Shelley (Hate Meditations), Jesse Jolly (BlightMass, Amon, ect), and Deadite join to discuss the relationship of horror movies and metal, the reason why OSDM misses the mark, and how the music industry has changed by the internet and the current pandemic.

#6 Mike Browning & Belial Koblak Mike Browning (Nocturnus, Morbid Angel, etc) and Belial Koblak (Nocturnus AD, Incantation, Lethal Prayer) join to discuss Nocturnus AD, some aspects about Morbid Angel that people don’t know about, and other interesting things!

#5 Shelley (Hate Meditations) This episode features Charles Shelley from the site Hate Meditations as the main guest, but also included is Raphael Alecto (editor of Hessian Firm) as a kind of fly on the wall cohost. I had a lot of fun with this episode. This was also the first international Necroplis episode. We discussed some brainy aspects about metal, philosophy, metal, dungeon synth, metal, psychology, metal, classical music, metal etc in a casual conversational atmosphere. Check it out!

#4 Mike Poggione In this episode of Necropolis, Mike Poggione from Monstrosity (+10,000,000 other bands) joins to discuss his life as a professional bassist. We discuss some of his bands, life in Eastern Europe, and some finer aspects about the Tampa metal scene. Also included at the end is an unreleased Eulogy song.

#3 Sleepwalker Sleepwalker from A Transylvanian Funeral, Temple of Abraxas, and Forbidden Records joins to discuss his music, mysticism, entrepreneurship, etc. A very delightful guest to have on Necropolis.

#2 Dobber Beverly Arguably Texas’ best metal drummer, Dobber Beverly joins to discuss his bands (Oceans of Slumber, Nercrofier, Insect Warfare, etc), his background, general atmosphere in music today, classical music, as well as a lot of other things! A great chat was had with this fellow Texan!

#1 Jesse Jolly Necropolis is my new podcast where I interview interesting people from all spectrums of extreme metal. Being that I am an outlier in the metal scene (I’m not in any metal bands), I feel that I present a musician’s perspective without being involved with the industry too much. The first episode was conducted with the immensely talented Jesse Jolly from BlightMass, Amon, After Death, Crimson Massacre, Diabolic, Blastmasters, Lull Me To Larvae, Promethean Horde, etc. We discussed his background in-depth with him starting out as just a kid from the hills of Tennessee to someone who has been called ‘the future of metal’ by George Fisher (Corpsegrinder) from Cannibal Corpse. This episode is a must-hear for people interested in what the general Tampa death metal scene is like.

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