On Tangerine Dream’s transmissions from Sol

The further listening series Running in tandem to the familiar narrative of popular music from the 1950s onwards – with its inextricably complex relationship to evolving youth identities – was a parallel development in what could loosely be referred to as “sound art”. Despite the technological and economic conditions that were required to make the... Continue Reading →

Necropolis #53 – Jarno Nurmi (Serpent Ascending, Desecresy)

#53 – Jarno Nurmi (Serpent Ascending, Desecresy): Jarno from Serpent Ascending, Desecresy, Nerlich, Slugathor, etc joins today to discuss the new Serpent Ascending album Hyperborean Folklore as well as Finnish metal and culture. Hyperborean Folklore is truly from left field and casts nowadays metal convention to the wind. Shelley from www.hatemeditations.com and Metalegion Magazine returns as cohost.

Necropolis #51 – Dead Space Chamber Music

#51 - Dead Space Chamber Music: Coming soon to a crypt near you! Ellen and Tom from the avant garde early music industrial quartet Dead Space Chamber Music join the program to discuss their philosophy, motives, and perspectives. Their music is hard to categorize yet very accessible. Ellen and Tom grant much insight into the... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Pharmacist, Am Himmel, Hadiqat

Pharmacist: Flourishing Extremities on Unspoiled Mental GroundsOut 1st July on Hells Headbangers As I if trying to remarry the rockist flirtations of Carcass circa ‘Necroticism’ through to ‘Heartwork’ with the brutalist sobriety of early goregrind, Japan’s Pharmacist strike a welcome balance of urgent proselytizing against playful groove driven riffing. Indeed, so strikingly reminiscent of Carcass... Continue Reading →

The new vanguard

Even a genre as proud of its individualism as metal pivots on shared spaces, shared action, shared meaning, and shared purpose. Today we are encouraged to atomise our efforts, create individual digital platforms from which to craft our brand. Those meetings that do occur in the flesh are no longer a celebration of collective experience... Continue Reading →

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