Criticism as an act of creation

The other day I came across this musician’s take on what the purpose of music criticism is. The basic premise being that music criticism is an entirely distinct craft from the creation of music itself. Despite the requirement for intimate knowledge of what they are critiquing, talent for punchy writing, and regular engagement in their... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Invgarr

InvgarrThe Hopeless Resistance of Emberdrin’s Army As if endeavouring to elevate the aesthetic standing of archetypically traditional dungeon synth, Italy’s Ingvarr attempt to bring greater depth and nuance to what is otherwise thematically well trodden ground for the genre. Dungeon synth prides itself on – and presents as absurd because of – it’s allowance for... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: CNTMPT, Fugit, Asgrauw

CNTMPT: Von Unreiner Willk​ü​rOut 3rd October on Into Endless Chaos Records ‘Von Unreiner Willk​ü​r’, the latest album from this German outfit, is ontologically a blackened grind album, but spiritually it has more in common with intensely melodic black metal in the style of early Gorgoroth or even Antaeus with a more insistent need to articulate... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling from: Thulsa Doom, VoidOath, Voak

Thulsa Doom: A Fate Worse than DeathOut 30th September on Invictus Productions Italian newcomers Thulsa Doom stick their oar in on the contested picture of contemporary death metal for their debut album. Bolting a pre-1990 blackened thrash framework onto more complex and elongated riff philosophies of fully formed death metal, Thulsa Doom present a picture... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra

Mistigo Varggoth DarkestraInsatiable Moon It’s amazing how far a light sprinkling of percussion will go. A distant, shuffling drum loop allows Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra to transform a set of directionless semi-improvised synth meanderings into a piece of minimalist ambient with real menace to introduce this old school DS album. That maybe slightly disingenuous. The loose,... Continue Reading →

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