Dungeon synth might in fact be good

I’m not above writing one or two (or three) inflammatory articles aimed at this bizarre subgenre. Bizarre because it even exists, but also because it has the audacity to cultivate and maintain a reputation in the peripheral vision of many music fans well beyond its borders. Yet I keep returning to it. Like a Christian... Continue Reading →

On Dead Can Dance’s message to the within

The further listening series There are very few artists that could claim to have truly transcended genre. Even fewer that can boast the vast, eclectic appeal of an artist like Dead Can Dance. It’s not an exaggeration to say that their fanbase is its own distinct subculture, counting members from the worlds of goth, metal,... Continue Reading →

Parallel lives: Equitant and Kreuzweg Ost  

It’s fair to say that those of a metal persuasion are sometimes a little blinkered when it comes to the history of post war musical evolution, a little prone to selective thinking as to those gold standard releases and musicians. It’s often forgotten that a parallel evolution took place just over the border in People’s... Continue Reading →

Necropolis Podcast #44 – Paul Ledney pt. III

#44 Paul Ledney pt. III - Paul Ledney returns for more conversation. We chat about why Profanatica dropped from Steel Fest in Finland, his views on Satanism, compositional aspects of Profanatica's sound, his view on Morbid Angel, etc. Shelley returns after recovering from the 'rona.

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