Beats and yelling from:  Oerheks, Vertebrae Fetish Totem, Unholy Craft

Oerheks: LandschapsanachronismenOut 22nd February on Amor Fati Productions Obscure, peripheral, melancholy, yet oddly wistful, there’s no denying the rich emotional brew Belgium’s Oerheks whip up on their latest demo ‘Landschapsanachronismen’. A pleasingly symmetrical release consisting of two epic pieces of obscure black metal pulling at similar heartstrings as those attempted by much of the post... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Kobold:

KoboldThe village in the frozen mountains The description for this release ends with the sentence “short dungeon-pop compositions in 16-bit style and magic melodies that will transport you straight when you was young and carefree” (typo retained for clarity). Never has a blurb for an album been more nakedly honest. Kobold resides in that corner... Continue Reading →

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