Necropolis Podcast #34 – Hod / Pious Levus

#34 Hod / Pious Levus Carl (Lord Necron) and Beer (Vladibeer) join from the band Hod to discuss their music. Also, some bants. Being that both men are veterans of the metal scene here in San Antonio, we went in-depth into the scene here, their other projects, and so forth.

Candles in the wind: Eulogy and Molested

The best of death metal is notoriously fleeting, with today’s canon still chiefly consisting of releases from a brief moment in time when the stars aligned in the early 1990s. Of the two artists discussed today, there has been much speculation as to their possible artistic direction had they endured. Would they have unseated their... Continue Reading →

I like the beats and I like the yelling: Conjureth, Sorgelig, Exsul

Conjureth: Majestic DissolveOut 25th October on Memento Mori Following two impressive but tantalisingly short EPs in ‘Foul Formations’ and ‘The Levitation Manifest’, both released in 2020, San Diego’s Conjureth emerge from the chrysalis fully formed on their debut album ‘Majestic Dissolve’. Both EPs offered new interpretations of old forms by marrying the percussive chromaticism of... Continue Reading →

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