Metal as deathcult theme park

This year’s Hellfest saw our nostalgia complex reach near fever pitch. In a symbolic act as perfect as it is chilling, the festival erected a towering statue of Lemmy, within which is enshrined a portion of his ashes. If once such blatant attempts by the past to annex the present were openly ridiculed – Dio’s... Continue Reading →

Beats and yelling: Serpent Ascending, Dinbethes, Atramentum

Serpent Ascending: Hyperborean FolkloreOut 17th June on I, Voidhanger Records Stalwart Finnish death metal evolutionist Jarno Nurmi revitalises his post Desecresy project Serpent Ascending for album number two. Where ‘Aṇaṅku’ was a twisting, multi-faceted but ultimately smothering work of nocturnal claustrophobia, ‘Hyperborean Folklore’ seeks to bring us into the light. From the very first riff... Continue Reading →

Nocturnus and the death of amateurism

One reading of Nocturnus’s ‘The Key’ would have us believe that it is nothing more than a signifier of death metal’s early inroads into progressive music, perhaps a little more noteworthy than other releases of the time for the foregrounded keyboards. An alternative reading paints it as a sloppy miasma of repackaged Slayer and Kreator... Continue Reading →

Black metal’s modernist reckoning: Aosoth and Krieg

To identify the truly distinguishing features of black metal one must ask where it situates the listener. Specifically, the fact that they are expected to temporarily divorce themselves from their immediate surroundings – both physical and social/cultural – and embrace a larger, more impersonal conception of reality. This severance from individualism is a step even death... Continue Reading →

I like the beats and I like the yelling: Sacrilegious Crown, Riven, Nunslaughter/Blood

Sacrilegious Crown: Forbidden Vestiges of VenerationOut 3rd June on Xenoglossy Productions Somewhere between the ritualistic and ambient strains of black metal, funeral doom, and DSBM – although don’t let that last tag put you off – sits the latest EP from Italy’s Sacrilegious Crown. Whilst comparisons to Elysian Blaze are somewhat inevitable, Sacrilegious Crown offer... Continue Reading →

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