Voivod’s artisanal prog

The inventor shakes hands with the museum curator Following its initially burst of popularity in the early 1970s, progressive rock was famously subjected to a spate of overly zealous ire at the hands of punk’s utilitarian efficiency. It therefore always struck me as rather touching that only a few years later one of punk’s shabby... Continue Reading →

The ambient hut: Hole Dweller

Hole DwellerWith Dreams of Hereafter Fresh from the fuck bunker it’s….Hole Dweller, with an album painstakingly crafted to sound utterly devoid of threat. A series of soothing vignettes that could have been scored for a kids TV show. That’s not to say that the package is basic for the fact. There’s a wistful sense of... Continue Reading →

Review – Death Metal

By T Coles, 2023 One has to admire the unassuming guile it takes to release a book like ‘Death Metal’ into the wild of 2023, without supervision or shelter from the harsh weather currently ravaging the death metal landscape. This book arrives under the guise that it will reach an imagined audience of death metal... Continue Reading →

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